An analysis of engagement with SDGs 1–5

The case for designers doing when everyone is design thinking

Graphic illustration with tiered layers of red, orange and yellow lines in the form of an arrow pointing up and to the right
From an old IBM manual cover

This is a story about how ideas come into our busy minds, plant themselves, and become a guiding light for us to focus on.

How space assets and space-generated data can impact Earth’s sustainability goals

And how you can apply them to create products that stand the test of time.

page from a sketch book with notes on design modifications drawn over a photograph of models wearing collection prototypes
Sam Adair, graduate collection via 1Granary

Lee Anderson

Design strategist, researcher & educator. 🔎 sustainable future through design science collaboration & new business models. 📚 @SDSParsons . Also @faarfutures

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